Electric Heaters for Garage, Shed – How warm can I get my shed with a space heater

When i built this shed i put some r 7.5 Rigid styrofoam insulation behind the Cladding And now i’m curious how long i can get It with a space heater in the winter And i’ll be using this drill space Heater and drill also happens to be the Sponsor of this video And to record my measurements i’ve Actually got Several temperature sensors one here One further down and one at the bottom Plus another one Just outside here All connected to a little raspberry pi Computer to log the data this is also Connected to my wi-fi and i’ve also got A smart plug for monitoring how much Power i’m using Let’s turn this thing on And it’s going to try to get to 60 Degrees fahrenheit uh and i’ll turn on The oscillating feature Which will distribute the heat a little Bit better And now i’ll just leave all this alone For a bit close the door And watch the data from inside the house That heater’s been running for 20 Minutes now so let’s see how it’s doing So the heater when i turn it on Immediately drew a thousand watts uh Kept going at about that same power Level voltage dropped a little bit and

The temperature of course immediately Started to rise I’ve imported my data into trusty old Excel 2000 and here is a graph of the First 20 minutes of heating the blue Line is the heater power scale to fit on The graph the purple line is the outside Temperature which is rising slowly over The day And the inside the shed temperatures Actually started out below the outside Temperature because it’s been a cold Night And then we can see it rises very Quickly staying a bit cooler near the Floor But already we’re at about 14 degrees I’ve also scaled this to fahrenheit so We’re starting at about 23 degrees Inside And then here we’re up to about 58 Degrees at head height That heater’s been running for two hours Now so let’s have a look Whoa It is balmy warm inside this shed now And the heater is just shut off because I guess it’s hit its temperature set Point And looking at the roof i can see there Is a line of melting right about here Which happens to be where where the Purlins is there’s insulation between Those but the wood itself doesn’t

Insulate as well Here’s my temperature graph over two Hours and it hit 25 degrees at head Level when the heater hit its set point And given that slope i think it could Have easily gone up by another five Degrees before it reached equilibrium When the heater did turn off it was Actually only off for about five and a Half minutes And the temperature dropped by about Seven degrees on all readings There’s also a persistent difference of About seven or eight degrees between Head level and foot level And here’s the same graph in fahrenheit And interestingly enough The foot level sensor was about 62 Degrees and the heater was set to 60 Degrees so pretty close at floor level Of course further up it was much warmer And now turning off power for that Heater with my smart plug to watch the Shed cool down again And here’s the two hours after turning Off the heater You can see of course it dropped getting Closer to the outside temperature which Is by now risen to about two degrees But surprisingly it’s dropping off Fairly slowly so that shed does seem to Be retaining some heat And same graph again in fahrenheit This heater also has some safety

Features like tip over protection Let’s try that out Okay i think now it’s going into Shutdown mode The air coming out of it is no longer Warm so it’s clearly shut off the heater Part And let’s see what happens if i cut off The airflow with a bucket Well it just shut itself off i guess it Decided it was hot enough inside the Bucket It’s been off for 10 minutes now so i Guess it’s not coming up on its own so Let’s just push power Come on Let’s try unplugging it Turn it on And there it goes so i guess getting Quite a bit too hot requires a power off Reset But i’m not done torturing this device Yet Let’s turn off the oscillating thing And cut off airflow completely with a Shirt No there’s still air coming out so i Guess i’m not completely cutting it off Well i’m unable to quite cut off i guess That fan is a bit too powerful it still Sucks air through my shirt Let’s try that again And okay it’s decided that’s too hot and Stopped

Now the makers of these career heaters Are quite proud of their safety So let’s try another test It uses a brushless dc motor And Let’s just stop it all together and it’s Still drawing quite a bit of power But it’s dropping I can feel the Fan trying to start power level is Dropping which is good because there’s Nothing taking out the heat Not smelly Power level is dropping some more so it Seems to be self-limited when the Heating element gets hot it draws less And less power And continuing to wait here Power keeps on dropping I can feel it warm here but Again no smoke So it’s shut off the display now and i Think just because the element is hot Although i don’t see anything glowing The power level has dropped quite a bit Okay it’s now turned off the heating Element i guess it’s decided that it’s Hot enough Let’s pull this out There it starts up again quite a bit of Warm air coming out now because the Element is so hot Although the heater itself is off I think this may take a few minutes to

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Come back i don’t want to wait that long So let’s just unplug it Plug it back in And turn it on again And we’re back to regular operation so No harm done to it didn’t even smell And if i’d done that to one of these Conventional heaters i know from Experience if the fan doesn’t run the Elements get pretty hot and smelly Before it shuts off And now it’s a few days later today is -16 yesterday was minus 20. if i had Meant this as some sort of a winter Covert office i would have had to at Least double the insulation and newer Houses are required to have at least Three times as much insulation as this And i was just comparing this one some More to these two The stream of warm air coming out of This one is surprisingly directional Compared to these Which could be very handy if you’ve got Some kind of bedroom office and you’re Cold but if you want the heat to be Evenly distributed you can just turn on The oscillating feature And you can buy that space here on Amazon there’s a link in the description You can also buy it off of their own Website with a 25 discount code which i Personally couldn’t get that to work So i’ll put the details in a pinned

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