$30 Electric Heater Shootout! – Which Heater From Walmart or Home Depot Is The Best?

[Music] In this video i’m going to buy and test The cheapest electric heaters available From some local big box stores and see How they compare The rules for this shootout are simple The retail price cannot be a penny over Thirty dollars and we’re looking only at Electric heaters for this video if There’s enough interest maybe we’ll do a Propane heater shootout next After shopping around a bit i ended up Choosing two models from walmart and two From home depot And as luck would have it they’re almost Mirror images of each other More on that later Please note that i purchased these Heaters with my own money and this video Is in no way sponsored by or endorsed by Either of these two retailers or the Brands of the heaters themselves First let’s fast forward through the Unboxing of the heaters and look for Some similarities and differences You’ll notice that the mainstays heater From walmart is almost identical to the Polonius heater from home depot And the hyper tough heater from walmart Is almost identical to the comfort zone Heater from home depot If you have sharp eyes or slow down the Montage you’ll see that the sticker on The bottom of the two smaller heaters

Are manufactured by the same company Called intertek As far as i can tell the only difference Between the two is the brand label even The intertech model numbers are the same I’m pretty sure the two bigger heaters Are made by intertek as well since they Look identical and the comfort zone has An intertek label on it but the hyper Tuff doesn’t have a label and has one Big difference that we’ll talk about Later The testing method is pretty simple i’m Going to use my office in my warehouse Which is not well insulated but is Fairly airtight Each of the heaters will be turned on Their highest setting and given 30 Minutes to heat up the room A power meter will record how much Energy is consumed by the heater and a Temperature data logger will record the Temperature in the room from about eight Feet away from the heater After 30 minutes the data will be Recorded and then i’ll open up all the Doors and let the room cool back down to Ambient temperature Please note that there will be some Slight differences in ambient Temperature during the testing but we’ll Account for that in the final analysis Before starting the testing though i Took some power measurements of each of

The heaters at their different settings I did this so that we could try to make Sure we’re comparing apples to apples And there weren’t power differences Between the models somehow This also allowed me to break the Heaters in a little bit in case they Didn’t perform the same right out of the Box After testing all the heaters here are The results Again the similarities are too close for These not to be identical designs please Note that the hyper tough and comfort Zone heaters did not have a low setting Their lowest setting was fan only Without further ado let’s get started on The controlled testing of each model With the kilowatt meter zeroed out each Of the heaters is turned on to its Highest setting the data logger is Turned on and an alarm is set for 30 Minutes The data logger is placed in exactly the Same place in the room during each test Which is about eight feet away from the Heater and far away from windows and Doors After the test completes the data logger Is stopped the power meter is zeroed out Again and the room is allowed to cool Down with the doors and windows open Until there’s no temperature difference Between inside the office and outside

[Music] My [Music] Now that the testing is completed let’s Look at the results The top two are the smaller identical Heaters they use more energy on their Highest setting than the larger heaters Do I tested them back to back on a Different day than the bottom two Heaters So they had to fight against a little Bit colder outside temperatures but the Temperature inside the warehouse wasn’t That bad so don’t overestimate the Impact of the outdoors air temperature Here’s some analysis of the performance Of the models the comfort zone heater Was far and away the best it was the Most energy efficient and had the Highest increase in temperature Yes the top two heaters had colder air Outside the warehouse but again only one Wall of the office is shared with the Outside air the other three walls in the Ceiling are all shared with the Warehouse which was warmer Notice that the hyper tough heater from Walmart was awful it was the exact Opposite of the comfort zone it was the Least efficient and worst performing The top smaller heaters are solid Heaters and give you an extra energy

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Setting that the bottom two don’t have Which i like a lot so i think you’d be Fine with three of these four models Finally to rub salt on the wounds of the Hypertuff i wanted to point out that it Also did not have a very basic safety Function which is the tip over sensor Most of these small electric space Heaters have a button on the bottom of The heater that will pop out and shut Off the machine if it tips over to Prevent a fire or safety issue but this One didn’t have that feature so not only Is it a bad heater but in my opinion it Isn’t safe to use either especially Around children or pets In conclusion if you want a great heater For cheap you can’t do much better than The comfort zone milk house heater from Home depot despite some negative reviews It’s gotten on their website which are Clearly from uneducated buyers this will Be a great addition to your emergency Preparedness equipment or just for Everyday use in a cold room in your House Thanks for watching this video if you Want to see another shootout in the Future let me know in the comments Section below

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