Portable Space Heater 1500W Energy Efficient Electric Personal Heaters Review, Huge heat output for

By multifun and it’s just a really Adorable little heater that’s got a lot Of great safety features and it’s a Great size very portable easy to carry Around so it comes with these two little Sandals that just have to be Snapped into place So it looks like this one goes on the Top I got it backwards There we go goes like that and then this Is the legs and that goes on the bottom And that can just snap into place here And then of course I gotta hook the Screws in but that’s where they go And they snap in And then you also have these screws to Screw them in so really really cute Little portable heater screw these in Later let’s get a better look at this Nice event in the front Towards the sides the bottom has that Little safety feature if it tips over It’s going to turn off that was super Important for me And here’s the back we can control the Temperature with just the one knob and The on and off button I’ll let you know how it does and Heating up the room I bought it for just Doesn’t get quite warm enough in that Room with my Essential Air and Heat so This should help Thanks for checking it out guys

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