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A room heater is a must in North India in winters. Does a room heater reduce oxygen And hypes skin allergies? I’ll answer these questions and also tell about the best Room heaters and the most authentic information about them. Hello friends, welcome To my channel VM-One. My name is Vineet and today I’ll give you The best room heaters that you can buy in India in 2021. I post late as I test these products thoroughly. Neither I have purchased nor brands Have given me these. I have borrowed them from a popular shop in Delhi- New light Electrical corporation. If you live around Delhi, then do buy your products from there. Now listen to these 5 points carefully. After this I’ll tell the best room heaters in India. Buy the one you like. The cheapest heater is the radiant heater. It has 3 types of elements- Quartz, Halogen and Carbon. They have the same power consumption but the best is Carbon element Which is the most efficient. Second is Halogen and Quartz is the poorest. Next is Convection Air Blower which throws out warm air. It has 2 types of elements- Mica insulator & PTC heating element. PTC is the best and latest technology with slow oxygen burn. It is safe, self regulatory and provides Fastest heating. Third is oil filled heater with a radiator and oil. Its heating sustains longer with No oxygen burning. A heater’s safety measures are important. There should be a good grill, a thermostat, And an autocut feature (in case of overheating). Never leave a turned on heater in the room as it might Burn (except oil heater). Heaters are dangerous for kids. Never leave kids alone with heaters. Radiant and some conduction heaters do burn oxygen and reduce humidity level. This can be controlled in several ways. Keep a bowl filled with water in the room to retain humidity. It is impossible to prevent oxygen burn-in. It can only be controlled by ventilation through a slight opening. This problem is not there with oil heaters and convection heaters with PTC elements. Consider these things. Most radiant and convection heaters are personal heaters. A big convection heater can heat the room in 2 hrs but that doesn’t last long. However, oil heaters heat the room properly after 2 hrs and their heating Lasts for 2 more hrs after turning them off. This is both an advantage and disadvantage. Radiant heaters Consume the least power but their heating doesn’t retain for long. Heating of oil heaters sustains for The maximum time (convection on 2nd no.) among all heaters. Oil heaters consume more electricity. Now I’ll tell you about all the heaters that I have tested. Their links are in description and in the list of ’VM-One Recommended heaters and geysers’. Download it to buy these products. Kindly buy from my affiliate links As it will help this channel without changing the price for you. These are the prices on 11th November 2021. These prices are subjected to change. Number 1 in my list of Radiant heaters is Bajaj Majesty. Out of 2-3 models, I recommend RHX2. Another model that is in my Geyser and Heater list. Maximum wattage of this heater is 800W. It has dual heating modes of 400W and 800W. It comes with a dual safety system of Thermal Fuse and Safety Tilt Switch. This ISI marked heater is made of ABS material. It has Halogen type element.

Bajaj gives 2 years warranty. Right now it costs ₹1500. Pros and cons- it has all essential features i.e 2 heating modes and 2 heating rods. Its con is that it is lightweight. ABS material is good but not sturdy. This is good in this budget. For personal use, this is good. Link is in description. Second Quartz heater I recommend is Havells Cozio with 800W peak power, Quartz element type and 2 Quartz heating tubes. It has A front safety grill and stainless steel reflector. It has 2 heat settings- 400W and 800W. It is ISI marked. Havells give 2 years warranty. This ISI marked heater has rust free stainless steel which is good. If Havells Claim of 24hrs home service is true, then it is really good. It costs ₹1900 right now which is its con. It is slightly expensive (more than Bajaj). Links are in description. Do check it. My last pick in Radiant Heaters is Maharaja Whiteline Lava with 1200W maximum wattage. It has Carbon rod technology as it comes with A carbon type element. It has multiple heat settings of 400W, 800W and 1200W as it has 3 carbon rods. It has a shock proof plastic body along with 180° smooth rotation. Its oscillation while our testing was Smooth and amazing. It is ISI marked. Maharaja Whitelines give 2 years warranty on it. Right now it costs ₹3000. Before buying it from links in description, do listen to the pros and cons. It is a good heater. Its price is More due to 3 carbon rods which are the best rods in radiant heaters. Its oscillation of 180° is good. The most convenient feature is its grab handle. It is ISI marked too. Cons- I don’t think its Plastic quality is that good. But it is worth ₹3000. Links are in description. Do check it. Let’s talk about the most significant and successful convection heater/blower- Usha Blower with 2000W max wattage. It has multiple heat settings of 665W, 1330W and 2000W. It comes with overheat protection. It has twin turbo Features (low and high fan modes). This is just a fancy name. The most useful features are easy grab handle And adjustable stand feature. This successful ISI marked heater has a 1 year warranty. Right now it costs ₹2250. There are 2-3 models that I recommend which are given in description and my geyser and heater list. Pros and cons- This is a good heater with good built quality (metal). Adjustable stand and grab handles are good. However, Its built-quality has declined as cheap plastic is also used. Though, this is the best heater in this category Under ₹2250. Links are in description. Do check it. Second in my list of convection heaters are 2 options- 1 with 1000W peak power and 2 with 2000W peak power. They both are good and have similar features. They have a plastic body, metal grill and PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heating element. This big model has 2 settings- 1000W and 2000W. Its blower is good. It comes with overheat protection and Thermal cut off. The best thing is their 100% copper motor. They are both ISI marked and have 2 years warranty. 100% copper motor is rare but it is there in heaters which cost ₹1300 only. The best thing is PTC element Which translates to no oxygen burn-in. This is the property of PTC. If I nitpick, then the con is its 15Amp socket. These can’t be plugged in small sockets. Buy them asap as the prices will rise for sure. Another convection heater I recommend is Havells Calido with 2000W peak power. It has a plastic body, metal grill, PTC heating element And 2 heat settings (1300W and 2000W). It comes with Oscillation function and overheat protection. It has Adjustable thermostat and a clean dust filter (according to Havells). I think the front mesh is called a filter.

This ISI marked heater has a 1 year warranty. Right now it costs ₹3700. Pros and cons- this is a good heater With 180° Oscillation which provides even heating. The PTC element leads to no oxygen burn-in. Cons- First I think it costs a bit more. 2nd it has only 1 year warranty. Though this is an amazing heater with Good design. Do consider it. Links are in description. My first pick under oil filled heater is Kenstar Oil Filled Radiator heater with 2900W peak power and 11 oil fins with PTC heater fan (both PTC heater and oil fins Are given for fast heating). It has multiple heat settings of 1000W, 1500W and 2500W. According to Kenstar Best oil is used which is HD 320 grade oil. Other brands haven’t disclosed their oil grade. It comes with Overheat protection, thermostatic control, and castor wheels. This ISI marked heater has a 2 years warranty. All oil heaters have the same pros but different cons. Right now it costs 8800. Pros- there will be no oxygen Burn-in and no humidity loss. Earlier there was the lack of PTC heating element & blower which was a disadvantage. Now PTC heats the room fast. Till then the radiator gets warm and heats the entire room. It is ISI marked. Con- its availability is an issue. Do check if it is available and deliverable or not. Links are in description. It costs ₹8800. Do check it. Next in my pick is of the Bajaj majesty. It comes in two to three type filters. This is 11 fins and I recommend both 9 & 11. Now let’s talk about 9 fins features. It has 2400W peak power. This is 11 fins heater. But here I’m telling you about 9 fins heater which comes with PTC heater and fan as in 11 fins heater. It has multiple heat settings 800W, 1200W or 2000W along with 400 PTC heater and fan. It comes with tilt protection, Auto thermal shutoff and adjustable thermostat features. It comes with coaster wheels. It is ISI marked and Comes with 2 years warranty. Right now it costs you ₹9259. Do check the price of 11 fins links are in description box. According to your room size you can buy any of them. Pros and Cons- it has PTC and blower heater for fast heating And there is no issue with oxygen burn-in. It is ISI marked. Its price a bit more than kenstar which can be a Little con. Kenstar has less price to improve its category but Bajaj has already developed in it. It has Amazing quality. Choice is yours you can buy any of them. Links are in description box and Do check my list of Heaters and geysers. My last recommend list in oil field heaters is of Havells OFR heater with 11 fins. It comes with maximum 2900W peak power. It has 11 fins with PTC heater and fan. It also has multiple heat settings 1000W,. 1500W, 2500W. It comes with caster wheels. It has overheat protection, tilt switch and adjustable thermostat Which is a good thing. It is ISI marked with 2 years warranty. Pros are same, no oxygen burn-in. It has quick Heating from PTC 400W fan and ISI marked. But cons are different. Right now it costs ₹9500 which is slightly higher Than kenstar & Bajaj. Links are in description box. Do check the current price by clicking on it. It is a good heater Do check it. You will see the VM-ONE list of geysers and heaters in the description box. You will find all the products Which I recommend and there is no one which I don’t recommend. Download it. If you have any questions about Heaters or anything. Do write in the comment section or DM on my social media. I’ll reply within 48hrs. Now I’ll meet you in my next video very soon. Thank you very much.

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