Dr. Heater Infrared Heater Review

[Music] [Music] [Music] Hi chad here with purple color life in Today’s video i want to talk to you About the dr heater infrared 1500 watt Heater that i got with the primary Purpose of warming up this basement i am In the basement right now this is a 20 By 40 section of the basement so it’s 800 square feet The dr heater infrared heater said it Heats up to A thousand square feet now this basement Is not insulated it is block wall on the Side behind the camera this wall you can See is just drywall there’s actually Another section of basement over behind Me so this 800 square feet is definitely Not ideal heating conditions since There’s not insulation and we are in the Middle of winter right now but i wanted To see would the dr heater infrared Heater at least make this a comfortable Work area you can see i’ve got my Workbench here and i do some work here In the basement it’d be nice to not be About 58 degrees which is what this Basement stays at pretty much all winter Long since we’re underground it never Gets super cold but it’s also not very Warm to work at 58 degrees Now i’ve tried this heater for a couple Weeks in a couple of different

Situations and i’ll tell you right off The bat it will not heat this room to 68 Degrees at least not you know running it For several hours at a time what it will Do though is heat it up down here warm Enough so it’s comfortable to work i’ve Used this down in the basement left it Running for about four hours of time and It’s brought the heater from about 56 or 58 degrees up to 64 degrees now when You’re out here working with your hands 64 is significantly better than 56 or 58 So i am happy about that i do usually Run it in the eco mode so i know that Saves some power but it’s also not going To put out the total amount of heat some Things i’ve noticed about this i like The blower on it i’ve used quartz Heaters in the past down here in the Basement just to warm things up and they They kind of try to warm up the air but It doesn’t last very long the infrared Heating of this is very unique that it’s Blowing out the heat and it doesn’t Really feel like it’s heating up the air As much as it’s heating up everything in The space so the countertops are warm You know normally you put your hand down On the countertop it’s pretty cold down Here but the infrared here does a nice Job warming it up i’ve got it up here on Top of the countertop today just for This video typically it’s on the cement Floor i’d recommend running them on the

Floor not up on top of a countertop to Turn the heater on is very easy you just Plug it into an outlet 110 volts Hit the power button Choose the mode you want to be in you Can be in eco High or low i usually just leave it in Eco You adjust your desired Temperature set point here So like i said i bought this for here in The basement just to warm things up a Little bit and it does warm things up But it will never heat this 800 square Feet a couple cool things about this you Can see it’s currently showing me the Set point temperature of 68 but if i Press these two buttons at the same time It’ll show me the room temperature which Is currently 52. it’ll leave that on Display for a few seconds and it’ll Switch back to the setpoint temperature You can see it’s only 52 degrees in here Right now i just turned this on it’s a Cold day today about 15 degrees outside It was 10 degrees this morning so it’s Going to take some time to warm up this Space You can see the temperature flip back There to my set point temperature was 6 Which is 68 degrees the doctor heater Does also come with a remote you can use The remote to adjust that set point Temperature you can see i can go up to

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70 degrees i’m not sure how high it goes Let’s see here It’ll go as high as 85 And as low as 50. so you could hear There it was actually a clicking noise We’ll see if we hear it come back on When i go above 52. Yeah there was a little bit of a click Letting me know that it was turning the Heating back on Another nice thing about the remote you Can control the mode so we were in eco Now we’re in high There’s low back to eco you can also set A timer so if i wanted to set this to Run for a number of hours i can select How many hours And then that timer will let it run for That long So nice little remote I’ve seen a lot of people use these Little space heaters the dr heater brand Specifically in office spaces If you’ve got a small office and when You use this to heat the office it works Really good for that i tried it upstairs In an insulated room we have a 14 by 17 Room upstairs a bedroom Fully insulated it does have tall Ceilings about 12 foot ceilings so it’s A little bit harder to heat but around 250 square feet The doctor heater did a nice job heating It i wanted to do a little experiment up

There so i turned it on at 11 23 it was Currently 57 degrees in the room when i Turned it on a half an hour later it Already brought the temperature up to 64. so that’s pretty good And a total of three hours later so at 2 30 in the afternoon the temperature in That room was 72 degrees and the doctor Heater was the only thing heating that Room the temperature was below freezing Outside so winter time heating Conditions you could use this to warm up A bedroom that you don’t use that often If you’re wondering about energy usage i Put a clip in the video of some screen Captures i took from an app that Monitors how much energy this uses Through an outlet it uses At least down here in the basement it Was using 1452 watts at 122 volts So that’s not horrible i’m sure you Would notice it on your electric bill Over time if you ran it constantly again That’s why here in the basement i just Use it when i’m down here It warms up the area i’m working in to Make it a little bit more comfortable to Work when there’s no heat in this Section of the basement hopefully you Enjoyed this quick review of the dr Heater infrared 1500 watt heater i’ll Put a link to it down below in the Description so if you want to use that

Amazon affiliate link we really Appreciate it it doesn’t cost you any Extra money but it does give us credit For sending amazon to the site as far as The look of this heater looks pretty Nice it’s contained in a nice wooden Cabinet It is on wheels so it’s easy to move Around it does have a filter here in the Back that comes out very easily It’s kind of spring loaded so you just Push it up let it go down underneath the Lip there there’s your safety and Caution information so thanks again for Watching purple collar life normally our Channel is about outdoor rural living Tractors chainsaws firewood and Everything that we like about living in Northwest pennsylvania Thanks for watching give us a thumbs up If you haven’t already leave a comment Down below Share with your friends and we’ll see You again the next time So as far as would it heat a thousand Square feet i don’t know i think that’d Be difficult for it it had to be a Really well insulated space and you’d Have to run it i think for quite a while To get that much heat in the room but if You’re just trying to heat a normal size Room I think it does pretty good if you’re Trying to heat a large unfinished

Basement like this It’ll definitely heat up the area you’re Working in but don’t count on it heating Up the entire space [Music] So [Music] You

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