Feel the Heat! Best Mini Electric Portable Home Space Heater by Potulas Review!

How you doing huh So today guys we got this Potlus space heater So my home heater bit the dust another One bites the dust so i picked up this Portable space heater because it’s Really tiny it’s actually only 6.8 Inches in height And it’s only 5.2 inches wide so it’s Really tiny really cute you know you can Hug it you can hold it you know it’s Like your little buddy but it keeps you Warm so it’s good you know And it’s uh 500 to 1000 watts so really Heats up quick in seconds And you can see you got the 500 and you Got the 1000 watts over here You got the power button and why don’t We just turn this baby on it’s also got This little thing to carry it but i Don’t love that it’s just a little wire Bungee i never went bungee jumping so we Turn it on It’s actually relatively quiet over here Some of the space heaters are really Loud And then we can go up to a thousand Which still isn’t too loud and as you Realize The fans in the back so you won’t hear It as loud either and it really spits Out the heat Nice and easy peasy And uh within seconds i mean you feel

The heat just coming in warming up and Whatnot And i have a thermostat or thermometer In my room i can see the room go from 69 To 79 degrees in my little tiny room Over here it’s 12 to 10 feet wide And guys two of the most important Things you want is safety in a portable Heater And uh this has an automatic shutoff so It gets too hot you know mutual killer It’s going to automatically shut off but Also the most important one is the Automatic tip over shut off Maybe we tip this over oopsie It actually turns off just like that Because as you can see it’s got the Little button here And if that’s not down See now it’s on if it tips it’s off Automatic shut off feature so that’s Excellent in my opinion So A couple things i wish that they could Improve on but again this is like 30 Bucks or whatnot is if it had an Adjustable thermostat i think that would Be nice Also if it had the power light in the Front But uh maybe the lights not good for People because it wakes them up or They’re trying to go sleepy buys Um and again it does have the light in

The back you can see how it lights up There So i’ll put a link in description below Guys you can purchase this on amazon you Know And uh it’s a good heater over here

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