Heat Up Your Room Smartly With Mi Smart Space Heater S

Hey guys Today in front of me is a xiaomi space Heater the smart heater it is made by Xiaomi as you can see over login here is Made by xiaomi and the best thing about It it is a smart heater you can control It with that app through the internet so You don’t have to worry about Controlling it manually so from the Looks like you can judge the size of it But I think it’s quite beautiful Whenever you put it inside an area or Room it will increase the beauty not Decrease it because it is narrow like This and it is also it also looks Beautiful the color and everything is Really good that and they claim that it Is really a energy efficient not sure How energy efficient it is and uh It is lightless that I mean when it is On I haven’t seen light if it is there It is uh hidden in a way that I I’m Unable to see it So and uh all the controls are on the Left side as well on the buttons but What I like the most is that if you can Control it through the app which I does Most of the time so let me Turn it on and share my experience on Over the app with you guys let’s see so As soon as I turn on the button of Electricity I turned itself on very Easily and uh Before I actually show you this one is a

Kind of a hanger when it is on you can Put your clothes over here to try them In in winter but if you don’t need it You can use it as a hanger just know That when it is on and hot this area Will also be hot so don’t pick it up When it is running And the foot they are they have a rubber Kind of texture beneath them so it does Not slip away very easily and overall I Think it’s it has a really nice of being A story so let me bring over the app and Let’s control it from there Right now you can see that it is in off State so let me turn it on Now it is on you can control the Temperature from this bar Okay you can increase it up to 28 Degrees Centigrade Then you can schedule it how like how Many hours you want it to keep running And after that it will turn itself off Automatically And then whether you want the indicator This light indicator is actually on the Left side of the heater which I will Show you momentarily and you can turn it Off or on here you can also turn off and On sounds of the heated the beep sound And then there is a child lock turning It on means that the buttons on the left Side the hardware buttons will not be Able will not be functional so that no Child can just touch them and change the

Settings And yeah ultimately you can turn it off Or on I uh I mostly use it from my Mobile device because uh it has more Easier controls over here and now I Actually never have to flash the Hardware buttonself so this is something That I really like about this one And let me show you the hardware buttons As well You can see the hardware buttons here One will be for a Wi-Fi one other one Will be for timer and other will be for Increasing or decreasing the temperature And on the top there will be a button to Turn for power button there is another Main power button behind it This one that you can use to turn it off And on So this is our xiaomi space heater I Have been using it for almost one year And I have really enjoyed it I have Really liked it and I thought I should Share it with you guys as well I will Leave the link to buy this one in my Video description for anyone interested And please do share your feedback with Me as well and take great care of Yourself Bye

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