How It Works – Space Heater/Fan 1500W Electric Ceramic Heaters Indoor Portable with Thermostat

Hi guys uh today i got this heater it’s Um Really really great heater so i want to Show you how it works But first let me show you how it looks Like so this is the front Um This is the side And this is how the back looks like Let me aim the camera this way And this is the feature that it has So it’s pretty much very simple it’s not Too big as you can see this is the side Of my hand And that’s the size of the heater so It’s not that big you can carry this Thing around put in the living room put In the bedroom and the bathroom Anywhere you want it’s very very light I would say maybe like Less than two pounds So to plug this on Let’s do it Okay so it’s plot And all you got to do now very simple You just go ahead and Turn it on so to turn it on you just Switch this Guy to any of these options This is the fan options and this is the Heater heater heater So number one the heat is not that Strong coming out Two it’s a little bit stronger than one

And three will be very hot so let’s test It out So this is the fan So you have cool air blowing at you Right now which is pretty neat so this Is good for Summer so let’s say Let’s go inside and i want The heat to come out So switch that to one So now you’re getting some heat And let’s say you want it warmer Go to two Nice a little bit warmer And you can go to three Now it’s really hot So yeah this is hot And another options you have is this You can Maximize the hot or you can low down the Heat a little bit So you’re minimizing the heat by going Distraction And you really make the heat come out Like a lot by going distractions So on a very very cold day what i like To do is I put max And i put number three And really really really hot So you can heat up this wall Uh the room’s not too big let me show You the room a little bit here It’s a pretty

Decent size room So On a cold day during the winter It would take about 15 to 30 minutes to really heat up the Room Sometime it gets too hot so you might Want to turn it down Or turn it off Yeah so that’s the function of it um Another cool thing that i like about This uh heater is that it has this Feature i really like So let’s turn them on and let’s say This thing Flip over For some reason And it stops That’s great right That’s what you want so the house don’t Burn down And the reason why it’s doing that is Because it’s controlled by this guy over Here some kind of sensor So you’re pressing this guy You can hear the heater coming out If you release it Then It stops So if you set it back up The heater comes back on Or the Whole air it doesn’t matter which option You choose hot or cold or not cold cool

Either way if this thing is dropped or Fall over The whole system shuts off which is Awesome I love that feature So that’s That’s that Um in terms of price i got this for 34 On amazon i’ll put the link um in the Description And you just click on it and i’ll take It to amazon and you can place the order There Let So let me tell you a little bit how much I say per month um With this heater I spend well I pay for like i pay like 10 more On my utility bills every month Using this guy every day 10 hours a day every day And i pay 10 About 10 dollars more every month on Utility Which is a great deal I mean the house heater would cost more So this is much cheaper for me Um overall i think this is a great Product I actually got a whole bunch of them For each room And i would give it five stars

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Yeah definitely a five stars Great heater if you find this video Tutorial helpful please subscribe to my Channel and thank you so much i’ll see You again in the next video

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