Infrared vs space heater: How warm does it feel

I got a big room in the basement that I’m thinking of using for workshop Purposes but in the winter of tends to Settle around 30 degrees Celsius or 55 Fahrenheit and if I use a 1500 watt Space heater like this one that in a few Hours raises the temperature by one Degree or two degrees Fahrenheit and if I use two of them and raises it by twice As much but it seems kind of a waste of Energy so I bought this 750 watt Infrared heater to experiment with Heating just a small area the idea is Not so much to heat the whole basement Room but to just make it feel warm in One area of the basement without heating Up everything so if I stand straight in Front of this thing it feels very much Like being in front of a hot wood stove Although it has a relatively narrow beam So if I just back off the axis a little Bit there’s much less heat that comes Off of it and I want to measure how much Warmer this actually makes things feel So I’ve got it set up right now and I’ve Got some cardboard boxes and I put Insulation material inside the boxes so That I’m only looking at surface effects Here and I want to see how much it warms Up those boxes and that’ll tell me how Much warmer the room actually feels the Boxes are 1.8 meters or about 6 feet From the heater so measuring other Things in the basement I get about 13

Degrees so I’ll call that my baseline And now measuring the box that is 1.8 Meters from the infrared light I get 25 Point 2 here and here I get twenty three Point two and measuring a bit further Away it’s only 19 degrees but that’s Because there’s no insulation right There and I just want to get how does The surface feel now this box that was Just measuring is totally on axes with This heater whereas this one here is Sixty centimetres or two feet off of Axes at a 1.8 meter or 6 feet distance From the light Fifteen point nine on this side and on This side Eighteen point eight and I have another Box set up even further from the Infrared heater all the way from here to There that’s three point three meters or About eleven feet away so let’s measure This one fifteen point one and sixteen Point nine so now looking at the numbers If we’re 1.8 meters from the heater or About six feet we’re up 11 degrees Celsius over ambient or about 20 Fahrenheit but if we just move 0.6 Meters or about two feet off axis of That then we’re only up four point four Degrees or about eight theron height so The beam is fairly narrow so quite a bit Of extra heat felt here but move off Quite a bit less and that basically is To say facing this way at this box it

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Feels like it’s 11 degrees warmer Although facing the other way there’s no Difference and then for the box that’s Further away that’s this one which is Three point three meters or 11 feet and It also happens to be about point eight Meters or 24 inches off axes the rise is Three degrees or above at six degrees Fahrenheit now of course the average Temperature rise that you would feel Would really only be about half of that Much because it’s heating up the front Side but not the back but as long as You’re moving about I think that will Average out I have experiment with Having this heater maybe a couple of Metres from me and just using a computer In a room that’s relatively unheated and That felt very uneven it was a bit Uncomfortable so you really can’t use it To make up for lack of heating but to Get a little bit of extra heat is quite Nice especially in a workshop type Context where you’re moving around so From here to here at the front of this Box warmed up by about three degrees Which on average if you also consider The back of the box would be like having It One and a half degrees warmer about Three degrees Fahrenheit and that’s Already more than this heater can do in Ours in terms of warming up the room Whereas with this one they get the

Effect right away no this heater also Has an oscillating mode and that just Has the effect of spraying heat around So that the average heat that is felt is Going to be of course much less but it’s Effectively a much wider beam although It doesn’t oscillate a huge amount not Like an oscillating fan so if you’ve got A large room that you just want it to at Least feel warm very quickly an infrared Heater really is the way to go but if You’ve got a small room that you’re just Sitting in it makes much more sense to Just use a space heater and heat up the Whole room instead of just blasting heat At you with infrared but I think I will Be using this heater from time to time Although I am concerned what may happen To it once it starts to get dusty and May have to open up and clean it from Time to time

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