Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater Review – Will it keep you warm?

[Music] [Music] [Music] Hey everybody and welcome back to Outdoor gear i’m aaron bottoms and today We’re going to be reviewing something That’s Very useful in my opinion it’s something I keep on hand something i keep in the Boat all year long Or at least in during duck season It’s great for Camping hunting Ice fishing fishing in general or if Your power goes out if you know what i’m Talking about you probably read the Description or read the title of the Video but today we’re reviewing the mr Heater This Is a portable heater that you can take Hunting fishing camping i i think you Should have one in your house in case The power goes out and it’s cold outside You need something quick and easy Something that you can put in the house Or outside It’s a great product and but we’re going To go through it with an unbiased kind Of opinion here there’s some upsides Some downsides i use this pretty Regularly so i’m pretty comfortable with The product itself But let’s get into it

All right so right out the box Got your instructions of course And then It’s in there pretty Good you’ve got your heater Standard box And your protection So we got the gray addition just because It seems to be the most popular one out There it’s pretty standard You just where your heat comes from when You put your bottle right here on the Side here you go ahead and push that in Right down here in the bottom is where You have your pot light you click that You hear it click that’s gonna Cause a sparks when you have propane Going through it catches on and then you Hold that down so the whole thing goes Up and you switch it over to Low which i think puts out about 4000 Btu Or high which puts out about 9000 btu Now this product is Very simple very straightforward i got a Fresh propane tank here that we’re going To put on it Take the cap off And you’ve got just that little point Right there which i think you can get a A Larger connector for if you want to put A full propane tank on it run it longer So you just push it on

Screws on there Well supposed to If the threads catch Which these are having issues catching The whole point of this Is to show you What this product is like fresh out the Box just the way it is and They’re not making it out to be anything More than it is And right now it’s being difficult to Put propane tank on There it goes all right finally All right so now you guys propane tank On It’s very simple switch it over to pilot You push down Until it catches light You hold on to that If you can let go and the pilot stays on Which it is Switch it over low And the front of the furnace will catch On or Light and it holds right there on that White section there When it’s cold outside it turns red you Can see the heat coming off of it These are great they put out a little Bit of heat out front but like Everything else heat rises so most your Heat is going to be on the top right Here so like i said this is great to be Used for a personal use

I keep on the boat actually i keep two In the boat and a big heater And these are great if i’m just going Out by myself and i just need a little Warmth i put that on if i’m taking my Niece or nephew out they can put that Next to them keep them nice and toasty And warm like i said most of the heat’s Going to go straight up so you got a lot Of heat up here That’s the downside is You’ve got it doesn’t have a blower so It’s not going to push heat out It’s Not meant for wide open spaces it’s Meant for more Something that’s closed off something Where you can Put it inside and it’ll heat kind you Know a small space really But really it’s just It’s for personal use yes there’s not Much to it it’s very simple It’s got nice plastic on the side we’ll See how that holds up here soon it’s got Thin metal on the back It’s got a decent grade on it It’ll withstand some torture I’ve left them outside before and we’ll Go through some tests like that but Really It’s pretty straightforward and simple It’s easy easy product to work with easy Design

And it lights up pretty easily so That’s on the low You can switch it to high Again i’ve got you can feel heat right Here Right here you’ve got a little bit so You you move out about a foot you’re You’re losing a lot of heat um so you Got to stay close to these things Obviously you don’t want to get too Close but right here it’s not too hot It’s nice and warm Up here you’ve got some heat if you can See my hand up there that’s probably About two foot high So going over the main product itself This bar in the front is pretty Pretty Solid it’s not going to come off on you Very easily The plastic itself is nice and sturdy it Feels like good plastic on the sides It’s got a nice sturdy handle On the back you’ve got two mounting Brackets where you can put a screws in The wall and just hang it up if you need To see if you got like a hud or Something or a tree stand you want to Take in the tree stand hang it up It’s good to go A very good thing on this is the safety Feature So Pilot light turn it on

A couple clicks with a pilot catch Or put it on low So if you’ve got a child or You’re clumsy whatever it is It’s got a nice safety feature so if you Knock it over Cuts off automatically you’re not going To have liquor propane spilling into it And igniting it catching in and sending Flares up Or anything like that It’s got recommendations on the side Here so this is made to be indoor or Outdoor so if you have it in a small Bathroom you put it on low if you have It on the bedroom you put it on high That’s going to give you 4 000 in the Bathroom 9000 in the bedroom It’s made to heat up small spaces it’s Not going to do great outside Like i said on my boat if i have the Boat blind up or we’re sitting in the Duck blind it’s great for one person Personal use you can put it by your feet If your feet are cold put it on the Floor and stand above it and you’re Going to get heat coming all the way Above or put it in between your legs or Something as long as it’s a safe Distance i wouldn’t put it on high and Put it between your legs with waders The neoprene tends to burn a little bit So But it’s pretty straightforward you’ve

Got this cheap pla or cheap metal here That We’ll see how it withstands i can’t Imagine that it’s going to take a great Fall or the plastic It’s still plastic pot metal on the Sides A steel grate or Cheap metal great whatever that is But if you’re not abusing it then it’s Going to last you and work pretty well For you so let’s take it outside and do Some tests So say we have it on the back of the Truck It’s a pretty common thing you go to Grab it your hand slips Off it goes Now it’s just on the grass nothing crazy You know but What if we did it on the pavement Everything seems to be fine just a Little scratched up Looks pretty good though So simple falling off the back of the Truck seems to be all right let’s go Something else All right now the next question is how Does it do when it gets wet right back Up is going to take a while for it to Light back up you know say you’re Fishing or something and then somebody Just Into the drink

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Let’s see what happens so honestly that That’s been sitting in there for a few Minutes and because i had to get my pole So Go ahead and let that drain a little bit As you can probably tell by my outfit It’s a different day After we kicked it into the pond It took a long time to dry out so i let It sit for about Two days Before i even tried to turn it back on Again after the first day i kind of Checked on it but it was it was wet you Know you could hear water coming out so I flipped it over let it drain out that Way Let it sit in the sun for a while let it Sit here in the in the shop And We’re gonna see if it starts up today it Should um But Let’s see And i know we had knocked on the The threads a little bit here it was Took the first time i put it in the Screw or tried to screw this propane Tank in It took a minute to get it in I don’t think that’s actually the mr Heater here i think it’s the threads on The propane tank because i tried a Different propane tank

And uh It screwed right on Even though still catching A little bit of trouble with it hold on Add some pressure and she’s on okay Okay Now Again Hit pilot light See if we get a flame Yep there it goes flame’s on hold pilot Light for a little bit And we can switch it over To low And it’s catching on so After two days of drying out It’s working again which is great that’s What you want to see personally i know From my own experience that i have taken That out and left it in the boat Overnight and it’s rain Or even Freeze when it gets really low Temperatures And it took a minute for it to start up But i haven’t had any issues with it so That’s for my personal use i can tell You that if you leave it out in the rain Or if you kick it into a pond which the Pond is it was probably about two foot Down fully submerged so It still works still works pretty good You know No damage to it

Kicking on up to High i think i turned it off there Kick it up to high And she’s roaring so It dries out That was good um today is raining here So I have some supplemental footage of Another mr heater that i personally Owned That i went ahead and took out while This was drying so that we could still Film some stuff and i’m gonna show you What it looks like And now those are pretty abusive and That’s the whole point of this is see What this can handle can a handle being Kicked in a pond or dropped in a lake Sure however i’ll mention that they do Not float so if you kick it in there and It falls in you better get it quickly Because it’s going to go to the bottom Just a side note there so it can handle That it can handle some rain it can Handle freezing um i had like i said i Left it in the boat a few times and it’s Rained on it it’s been freezing Temperatures and it starts right up no Problems fully submerged you might need To let it dry out a few days okay all Um The other footage i have of me throwing It around me tripping and tossing it It did a little extra damage to it and

We’ll see if it works off that so let’s Turn this one off And i’ll show you The other one So as you can see We’ve got some Damage to the plastic here you know In fact It’s just holding on by a little bit There so we’ll get rid of that All right So Let’s see if this bad boy works this Side’s still fully good um back on the Metal here you can see it’s kind of Pushed out here It’s damaged quite a bit but The whole point is to see if it still Works after being tossed around you know So let’s take this propane tank off slap It on this one And see what we got All right Let’s see what this does Oh pilot lights on Don’t see any flare-ups With the low And she’s lit even after some Tossing in the air throwing it on the Ground slamming it She’s pretty good You know i’d still gonna take this out Still gonna use it um I don’t see any problem with it really

Other than the fact that it’s all broke Up with that in mind The pilot stays loose you turn it to Pilot Turn it off there The mr heater in my opinion This is a great product um they’re Simple they’re easy they’re portable you Can keep them inside you can keep them Outside And you can have two or three of them Sitting in your boat if you have Multiple people going hunting if you’re Ice fishing it’s good for an enclosed Space if you’re in a hut or something Not the best for Being outside in open air uh if you’re Going to stand right over top but stand Right against it next to it You’re going to get some heat off it Otherwise these small portable ones They don’t put off a bunch of heat You’re not going to have they’re not Going to have the same amount of heat Coming off the front of it like you want From like a sunflower heater one that’s Going to blow on to you and spread a lot Of heat out and disperse it this is Going to go straight up so if you’ve got An open hole in your duct bond it’s Going to go out so you might want to put It underneath something But with that you got to be careful Because the flame will catch

Any grass or anything like that overall Great product something you should look Into they’re not very expensive I think they retail for about 86.85 something like that And even throwing around this cage i Mean it’s a little loose Compared to this one Which is a little tighter But it withheld you know being thrown Around it’s it’s this has been I’ve had this one for two seasons duck Hunting and the cold the wet the rain Everything And Hasn’t let me down obviously this one is New but fully submersed in a pond Is good to go all in all this is a Wonderful product and i think if you’re Wanting a heater for your boat camping Whatever it may be i wouldn’t put these In a tent simply because if it gets too Hot and your plastics have to melt You can’t really blame the heater for That because you’re in enclosed space in A nylon yeah keep that in mind but Overall wonderful products mr heater This is the Portable buddy As you can see from this box here 85 Good investment good to have on hand Good to have in the house lose power You’ve got a little bit of a heat source

You can put it in a bedroom Um And you’re good to go so i hope you Enjoy i hope this Was informative to you if you’ve been Looking around trying to decide whether Or not you want to get a mr heater mr Mud buddy um and if maybe we’ll Experiment with the larger models Another time stick around Like subscribe comment down below what You want to see us review and we’ll get Them in and we will format them a little Bit and see how they hold up thanks guys [Music]

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