Space Heater vs Central Heat

Space heater versus central heat A space heater is a portable heater that You can place in any space you wish So let’s dive into the video Number one Energy usage Electric space heaters are not more Energy efficient than your gas furnace In most places electricity is still a Lot more expensive than natural gas In order to save money with an electric Space heater you can use it if you only Need to heat up a room or two The rest of your home will be cooler but If you are barely in some areas of the Home no need to spend money heating up The whole house However you will need to turn down the Thermostat to save money If you don’t turn the thermostat down And end up using both your bills can Increase The reason for this is because they are Used on top of your central heat and to Solve heating inadequacies Above all you will want to be sure to Turn the space heater off when you are Not in the space that it is heating Number two Winter tips If you are using a space heater to solve Heating issues try addressing the issues First To make your home more energy efficient

And comfortable this winter try Implementing the following tips It is important to regularly maintain The fac system Schedule a furnace tune up before the Start of the season to ensure it is Operating properly and efficiently as Possible If your unit is regularly maintained you Will be able to catch any minor repairs That need to be completed If you don’t already have one consider Installing a programmable thermostat By setting the thermostat at a lower Temperature while you are away you can Reduce the overall energy costs Make sure your home is adequately Insulated It is important that your ducts are Sealed and insulated properly sealed Draughts coming in through windows and Doors Open your curtains during the day to Absorb natural heat from the sun and Close them at night to keep the heat in Number three Safety first If you do use a space heater make sure To follow all safety precautions Never plug a space heater into an Extension cord or power strip Furthermore it is important to never Leave a space heater unattended or ever Be left on in a child or infant’s room

Do not leave a space heater on overnight Also keep everything including furniture And curtains at least three feet away From the space heater A short circuit a malfunctioning system Or a unit simply getting knocked over Can lead to a fire A space heater can be used effectively For proving extra heat in your home when Needed It is important to always follow safety Precautions when in use Take a look at the root of the problem Call us at 818-341-3406 for furnace maintenance or Repairs A central heating system that is Operating efficiently and properly is The safest and most cost-effective way To heat your home

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