Top 4 Space Heaters in 2022 👌

Hey guys taylor here with another video Now with the cold weather upon us Sometimes it can be difficult to heat up Your favorite spots in the house or even At the office no matter what kind of Heating system you have installed there Are just some places that always seem to Be cold on the feet but don’t worry we Have a great solution for you today and That’s going to be by using a great Space heater space heaters are excellent At just giving that extra little bump of Warmth to all of those nooks and Crannies in your home that tend to feel Chilly this can be places like under a Desk or perhaps next to your bed Whatever the case may be it’s a great Way to make sure that you stay warm this Winter so if you are looking for a great Space heater we’ve broken down some of Our top choices and we’ll be going over Some of the benefits and features of Each to see which might be right for you In your particular situation now as Always i will leave links to each of These products in the description below So feel free to check them out there if You want to do a little bit more Research also if i happen to find any Discounts deals or coupon codes i’ll Throw those down for you as well so First off we have the best tower space Heater and that’s going to be the lasco 755 320 ceramic space heater now this is

Definitely a great option for larger Rooms at 1500 watts it does feature an Oscillating fan that will warm the Entire room up very quickly it also has An adjustable digital thermal display so You can adjust it to meet a wide range Of temperatures in your home there’s Also a high heat setting a low heat Setting or an automatic heat setting Another great feature here is it does Actually come with a remote so you can Change the settings without having to Get up there’s even a built-in timer and You can actually program that to have The heat turn on at any point this is Also a very safe option it does feature Overheat protection and will Automatically turn off if you leave it For long periods of time also it does Have a cool touch exterior which means You won’t burn yourself by touching the Unit at any point it’s also incredibly Easy to use right out of the box it does Come fully assembled and has built-in Carrying handles it does stand at 7.2 by 8.6 by 23 inches meaning it’s also not Going to take up a ton of space in your House so guys if that sounds like a Great option for you then you should Definitely check out the lasko 755 320 Ceramic space heater next up for those Of you on a bit more of a budget we have Our best budget option and that’s going To be the amazon basics ceramic personal

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Mini heater now this is definitely a Tiny option at only 5.9 by 3.2 by 6 Inches this makes it perfect for desks Or tables also you don’t have to worry About it burning anything on those Surfaces as it does have a tip over Protection safety feature and it will Shut off the heater if it does get Knocked over because this is ceramic it Does produce consistent and even heat This is definitely a more basic option It does lack some of the more Programmable temperature heat settings But it is very affordable and it doesn’t Use a ton of power at only 500 watts Honestly if you’re just looking for Something to maybe heat up your feet Under your desk or perhaps even just to Sit next to your bed at night this can Be a great little option that’s Affordable and safe speaking of offices We have the best space heater for your Office and that’s going to be the Andilli ceramic space heater this one Comes in at a dimension of 6.2 inches by 4.74 inches by 8.33 inches this smaller Size means tucking it under a desk is Easy and it does have a carrying handle That makes it easy to move around this One is also adjustable it does have a Thermostat that comes in three modes There’s a high heat setting at 1500 Watts a low heat setting at 750 watts And a fan only option this is also

Ceramic heat so it is a nice even heat There’s also no dangerous open coils it Also does feature that same automatic Overheat system that shuts off if it Gets too hot and it is also etl Certified for safety so if you’re Looking for a great option to take with You to the office you should definitely Consider the andili ceramic space heater Last up we have the best personal space Heater and that’s gonna be the lasko 100 My heat personal ceramic heater now this Is great for those of you that just need A little bit of extra heat on you and Aren’t really interested in heating up The rest of the room it uses very low Electricity at only a 200 watt output And it will heat about two to three feet Around it again this is something that You can just throw on a desk or next to Your bed at night it’s very small at Only six by four by four inches and it’s Incredibly quiet it does have a simple On off switch and a six foot cord Meaning that you can plug it in easily At a table or a nightstand it also has a Cool touch exterior so you don’t have to Worry about it burning anything on your Surface again this is definitely not an Option for those of you that want to Heat an entire room but for those of you That want just a little bit of extra Heat in your immediate vicinity then you Should definitely check out the lasko

100 my heat personal ceramic heater Anyway guys if you’re looking for a way To beat the cold weather this winter Hopefully this video was helpful for you If so please feel free to give me a Thumbs up as i always appreciate that And just a reminder i will leave links To each of these products in the Description below so you can check them Out there and do a little bit more of Your own research also if i do happen to Find any discount codes or coupons i’ll Throw those down for you as well also if You happen to have any questions or Comments please drop them below i do Love getting to answer as many of those As possible otherwise guys thanks so Much for watching today stay safe out There and i can’t wait to see you in the Next video

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