Top 5 Best Low Wattage Space Heaters (2022 Review)

[Music] Hi welcome to my another video today i Will help you choose the five best low Wattage space heaters on the market i Have made it based on my personal Researches and i am trying to list those Based on price quality and more We have included links in the Description so make sure you check those Out to see which one is in your budget Range Starting number one costway oil filled Radiator low wattage space heater 700w This is one of the most powerful low Wattage space heaters available and it Has some excellent features the unit is Very energy efficient and will provide Good heat output for a room in your home Or your office when you need it This heater is totally silent when Operating the costway oil filled Radiator heater 700w has an adjustable Thermostat so that you can set the Desired temperature and then let the Heater provide the necessary heat This oil filled low wattage space heater Is completely sealed so there is no Requirement for refilling In our tests this heater warmed up very Quickly and achieved the set temperature Fast One of the best features of this heater Was the fact that it produces even heat This means that wherever you are around

The heater you will feel the warmth that It generates The carrying handle made transporting This low wattage space heater really Easy The stand is very firm and provides good Support There are two great safety features with This oil filled heater which are an Automatic overheat protector which will Switch off the unit if it detects any Overheating Then there is the tip over protection Feature which will cut the power if the Heater tips over This is essential for a unit of this Design The costway oil filled radiator heater 700w is fairly small measuring 12 inches By 14 inches by 5.5 inches and weighs Only 8.6 pounds filled with oil It plugs into a standard mains outlet And is one of the best low wattage space Heaters we have ever tested providing Good heat and having good energy Efficiency At number two amazon basics 500 what Ceramic small space heater if you are Looking for a powerful low wattage space Heater that is small and relatively Inexpensive then this could be a very Good option for you We were able to get a nice amount of Heat from this heater and in no time at

All it made the space we wanted to heat Warm and comfortable the amazon basics 500 watt ceramic small space heater is Ideal for use in any room in your home Or office The ceramic coils inside the heater Provide fast heat as soon as you turn The device on The internal fan is fairly quiet and Does a good job distributing the warm Air This is a very compact and lightweight Low wattage space heater that you can Easily carry around to provide you with That extra heat wherever you are It only weighs 1.43 pounds and the Dimensions of the unit are just 5.9 Inches by 6 inches by 3.2 inches We ran this space heater for a while and Measured the energy consumption And were very impressed We calculate that you could run this Heater for 24 hours on less than a Dollar If you only need to heat up a small Space then this is a very good choice The amazon basics 500 watt ceramic small Space heater has a tip over safety Feature that automatically cuts the Power if the unit tips over This is good but it would have been even Better if there was an overheating Protection feature as well At number three brighton 400 what

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Portable mini heater ceramic we were a Little concerned about this low wattage Space heater as the power output is only 400 watts But when we tested this heater we were Pleasantly surprised at the amount of Heat that it produces The lower power also means that you will Save money on electricity costs the Brighton 400 what portable mini heater Ceramic uses ceramic heating technology Which means that this little heater Warms up very fast The internal fan is effective in pushing The warm air around so that you really Feel the benefit fast It is a fairly quiet heater and it Should not distract you very much This low wattage space heater has some Very good safety features We like the overheating protection Feature which will shut off the device Instantly should it reach a specific Temperature that is too hot It also has a shut off mechanism for Tips over but this was a little bit too Sensitive in our tests This heater is etl listed The brighton 400 what portable mini Heater ceramic is one of the lightest Low wattage space heaters that we have Tested weighing under 1.6 pounds it is Small in size too at 7.5 inches by 6.8 Inches by 3.5 inches

At number 4 honeywell uberheat ceramic Personal space heater this low wattage Space heater has a 250 watts power Output which means that it is very cost Effective to run Despite the lower power output we were Pretty impressed with the amount of heat Produced dot the honeywell uber heat Ceramic personal space heater is a Ceramic space heater so the warm-up is Fast There are two heat settings to choose From so that you can save even more on Your electricity costs The low setting delivers 170 watts and The high setting 250 watts This is truly a personal space heater If you want to heat up a larger area Then this is not the right choice It has good safety features such as Overheating and tip over automatic Protection and flame resistant materials This heater is fairly quiet to use The honeywell uber heat ceramic personal Space heater is a very small heater Measuring 5 inches by 4 inches by 7.8 Inches It is incredibly light as well weighing Just over a pound so you can easily move It around anywhere you want At number five optimus h-5511 infrared Quartz radiant space heater we tested a Few infrared-powered low-wattage space Heaters and this is the only one that

Made it to our final list There are two heat settings for this Heater which are the full power 800 Watts or half power 400 watts The heat output was good in both of These modes when we tested the optimus H-5511 infrared quartz radiant heater we Were pleasantly surprised with how quiet It was The housing of the heater is cool to Touch and it has the standard safety Features of tip over automatic shut off And overheating automatic shut off This infrared low wattage space heater Is larger than most of the others in our List measuring 12.5 inches by 12.2 Inches by 6.2 inches It weighs around four pounds which is Still light enough to carry it around From one room to another So if you want to buy these products Check link in the description box [Music] You

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