What is the best Portable Heater for Winter? Cheapest and Best Option

Hey everyone Welcome back or shall i say hello to new Viewers Cold Freezing As winter is upon us We all like to keep ourselves fairly Warm are you like me and only need One room or an area of the home heated Well i work from home so ideally only Need one room to be warm most of the Time I mean why waste energy why waste energy On heating right heating the whole house I mean So the solution for me was to use a Portable heater So let’s get straight into it there are Different types of portable electric Heaters but today we will be looking at Fan convection and radiator heaters As they are the only ones i have had Experience with and let me tell you my Thoughts on them fan heater Well Fan heaters work by passing fan powered Heat directionally and immediately but The heat does not retain once it is Turned off Fan heaters also produce a small amount Of fan noise similar to a normal fan Now it is ideal for small area or Individual use i would say it’s also Portable and light enough for you to be

Able to take it anywhere with you You can also control the strength of the Heat Now i have had this for over 10 years Now and taken it everywhere with me as You will see and i have dropped it Numerous times but it’s still going next We have convector heater This is a freestanding one although you Can also get a wall mounted one if you’d Wish It heats up very very quickly and easily Heats up bedrooms bathrooms living rooms And so on you can also choose the output Wattage as well as the strength of the Heat on this one It gets warm fairly instantly and Circulates heat better but it also Produces a dry type of heat which you Can feel but again This particular one is very light and You can take it with you anywhere around The house you’d wish anyone can lift it And it is also very quiet and without Any fan noise Now this is the most cost effective and Efficient heater i would say And the best thing is that it is also Very very cheap and lastly radiator Heater Now there are two types of radiator Heaters Oil field radiators and oil free Radiators

We will be looking at the oil fill one Here The oil radiator heaters are filled with A synthetic oil which is heated to Produce the heat now they are also Fairly silent and meant to be economical Actually they’re silent really however It takes longer to heat a room Compared to the convector or fan heater But It stays warmer for a longer period of Time as the oil inside retains heat for A longer period as it is warm Now this is ideal and suitable for Heating up larger rooms for longer Periods And also produce natural warmth rather Than the dry heat but Keep in mind that The radiator heaters are also a lot Heavier And that is why they often come with Wheels so you can move them around now This is also the most expensive Of the three types of heaters that i Have discussed today and If you’re worried about costs most of The modern electric heaters are made With that in mind and meant to be fairly Cost effective So you ask what is the best heater of These three Well That depends on personal choice really

Including cost as well Now if you need quick heat on a budget Then i would suggest the convector Heater It is also very light and you can move It around the house And it’s able to heat up most standard Rooms fairly quickly Then as long as you have your doors and Windows closed the room will stay quite Warm however If you are looking for natural warmth Rather than dry warmth That will stay warm for a longer period Of time and you have the budget The oil field radiator heater is the Best Just keep in mind that it isn’t easy to Move around and not best if you intend To move it upstairs and downstairs and Make sure you don’t Injure yourself trying to move it around Now i would only recommend the fan Heater if you want directional heat Without really heating up the room And also a fan to use during the summer As it also has a fan That can shoot fairly cold air now i Hope this video proved useful if you are Looking to get a portable heater and Please share your thoughts in the Comment section And please hit that subscribe button and The bell icon if you have not done so

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I’ve also left links for all the Products i would recommend in the Description down below Once again thank you for watching and Have a great day or an evening [Music]

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