Alpha Heater Review Don’t Waste Your Money

This video is about the alpha heater Review Or also known as the amper heater So it’s actually two different companies Here the same Uh product here they rebranded i think Two or three different names and they’re All junk So i got a couple of these units i saw An ad online i ordered like three of These i think it was like 40 bucks 35 40 bucks a piece Plugged them in it had claims it could Heat up an entire house all these crazy Claims they do not work it might work For a dog house here’s the screenshot i Took From the site And they’re not they’re not good And this is the actual heater which i’m Going to recommend this space heater Is still low wattage Very energy efficient i turn it on there And i’m going to show you the heat is Pretty instant coming out it’s It’s not just a fan blowing hot air And i’m going to take a reading here and Show you that within Less than a minute Or so the temperature Here Show you the results here coming out is 198 degrees there you go And it can heat up this

Small uh very portable space heater Uses convection Heating So the wattage on this heater it’s Called the Blast portable heat core heater and it’s About 400 watts and i’ve used it to Heat up a regular sized room it was room Size is about 12 by 15. I took about 15 minutes to heat up that Room and it stays very comfortable it’s Very quiet this heater is super quiet You can have it on at night it’ll There’s a cut off switch if it gets too Hot or if it tips over but it’s it won’t Tip over it’s it’s a very A low profile Great heater i’m going to highly Recommend it i have a link below if You’re interested To this heater it’s brand new just came Out If you have any other questions comment Below and thanks for watching

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